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3-4-5 Team

The 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Team at The Vinalhaven School works in collaboration in order to provide dynamic, engaging and challenging learning opportunities for all students in a supportive and encouraging environment.  We offer an academically rich curriculum that is balanced with creativity, enthusiasm, and time for students to reflect not only on what they learn, but how they learn.  Our goal is to foster the development of independent thinking, risk taking, and organizational skills to help prepare students for learning in middle school and beyond.

Each year begins with students and parents sharing their hopes and dreams for the student, and every day starts with a morning meeting, using techniques and procedures developed by The Responsive Classroom.  Students participate in a variety of literacy programs and The Everyday Math Program in their grade level classrooms. 

Learning opportunities in the subject areas of Science, Social Studies and Writing are provided for students using flexible grouping/scheduling procedures.  Half of our school year, students work with their grade level classmates in these three content areas. Multi-age groupings are planned for the remainder of the school year, often through place-based, interdisciplinary units of study.  

Students on the 3-4-5 team are also provided with opportunities for curriculum integration through:  seasonal hiking trips on Vinalhaven Land Trust Trails, Image Writing/Picturing Writing, Rocket Math, visiting artists, author studies, the VH Historical Society, various island organizations, off-island field trips, and more.  Please feel free to ask any 3-4-5 student or teacher for further information about any of these programs.