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Principal's Corner


Dear Parents, Staff and Community,


Welcome back to school!!  The Vinalhaven School is a beautiful building in welcoming community.  It is my hope that we all have great learning experiences while we are here.  And like all communities in Maine, we hope that students leave to gain more experiences that they will eventually bring back to this great island community and share.


As we get ready for the new school year there are some new faces in the school and there are people who are taking on different roles in the school.  We are planning some activities to invite the community into the school this year.  We are looking to make the Vinalhaven School a place where the community is welcome.


At the beginning of each school day, we will begin with the Pledge of Allegiance, general announcements and the reciting of the code of conduct.  The Code of Conduct is the anchor that we will be referring to first as a reminder of how to conduct our actions, the purpose of our words and our deeds.  We will also reflect back to our Code of Conduct when our words, or actions or deeds need to be corrected.   The words that we reflect back to are FAIR, HONEST, KIND, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE.


Teachers are in our classrooms making sure they are safe, welcoming environments where students want to learn!  Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten have had their Open Houses.  The entire school will be having an Open House in the evening of Tuesday, September 12, 2017 from 6-7 PM.  Please stop by, Mr. Crawford and I (Ms. Kirkpatrick) will be in the lobby to greet you before you check out our child’s classroom.


I’m looking forward to working with everyone for a great school year!


Yours in Education,

Ann C. Kirkpatrick, Principal