Practices today:

Ravens—2:45 on the soccer field

Softball @ 2:45

Baseball @ 4:30


DEAR today at 11.


The teams will be traveling to Richmond tomorrow.  Leaving on the 7 and returning on the 4:30. Good luck Vikings!


7th & 8th graders will be on Hurricane on Tuesday.


The baseball team will be leaving on the 7:00 ferry on Wednesday to play Jackman at Mt. View.  Games are at 11 & 1.  Boys will return home on the 4:30 ferry.

School Lunch

Today’s lunch:  pesto veggie pizza         alt:  cheese pizza

Mon:  popcorn chicken         alt:  yogurt meal

Tues:  turkey blt        alt:  turkey cracker stacker

Wed:  hotdogs         alt:  grilled cheese


Thurs:  grilled cheese & soup (Hunter’s favorite lunch)  alt:  turkey & cheese sandwich


Fri:  meat pizza        alt:  cheese pizza