Today is:  National Ferris Wheel Day!   


Practices today:

Varsity boys           3:30


Valentine's Day Roses

The junior class will be selling roses for Valentine's Day today.

Single roses ($5) and bouquets ($40) will be available at the Fishermen's Friend and from 2:30-3:30 in the school lobby.


The girls & boys are in the tournament!  The boys will now play on Monday at 10:30.  The girls will now play on Saturday at 10:30.  Good luck in Augusta!

The girls will be leaving on the 3:15 ferry this afternoon.

The boys will be leaving on the 3:15 ferry on Sunday afternoon.


Vacation begins at 2:41 this afternoon! 

This Week's Menu

Lunch today: pepperoni pizza        alt:  cheese pizza

Mon the 24th:  tuna melts           alt:  meatball subs

Tues the 25th:  alfredo lasagna      alt:  grilled cheese

Wed the 26th:  hot ham & cheese sandwich       alt:  alt:  pub&fluff

Thurs the 27th:  baked potato bar        alt:  grilled cheese

Fri the 28th:  taco pizza          alt:  cheese pizza



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